Friday, February 3, 2012


There are sermons you may hear that are "life changing" and "reform the soul".  I felt led to focus this brand new blogspot on some of these sermons.

One of the "top downloaded" recent sermons I posted on "Advice from Annie" was one preached by Rev. Colin Mercer of Greenville, SC:

"The Ruin of a Family"

It was the #5 top downloaded sermon in 48 hours on Sept. 8th and the #20 top downloaded sermon the week of Sept. 13th. It has had close to 2,000 downloads via MP3 and cell downloads. It had over 200 MP4 video downloads.

A sermon preached by Rev. Aaron Dunlop of Victoria, BC has also reached over 2,000 MP3 and cell downloads!

"The Woman, Marriage and the Home"

Due to the popularity of the sermon downloads, I devoted this brand new blog specifically to sermons: (You are welcome to subscribe for updates.) (to link to more messages & resources)