Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I recently became a subscriber to the "Think Gospel" daily devotional messages.  Reading daily devotional messages by well trained pastors has been a real blessing! The writers have "done the homework" for you in researching the designated passage of scriptures and share with you what they have learned and gleaned from their studies. 


I encourage you to become a subscriber! It will provide "fuel for your tank" and help keep you motivated in your daily walk with Christ.  Devotional messages for February have begun with Rev. Colin Mercer from Greenville, SC as the writer. His sermon messages have been downloaded by the thousands! Your soul will receive much encouragement as you read through these devotional messages:

Here is a sample message for Feb. 1, 2012:


If you are interested in listening to MP3 audio messages or MP4 video messages by the writers of the "THINK GOSPEL" devotionals, simply go to Google and type in "Colin Mercer Sermons", "Aaron Dunlop Sermons", "Dave McClelland Sermons" or "Charles Barrett Sermons". The top item listed on the Google page should lead you directly to these uplifting Sermon messages.

May they be a blessing to you!